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Company: Audicity capital

Program: Funded Trader Program

This program provides you with a fully funded trading account. The profit split is 50-55% and the drawdown can’t be higher than 15%. The company promises to double your funded account every time you reach a 10% target.


Company: BluFX

Program: Lite Subscription

BluFX funded account allows you to trade 28 currency pairs & Gold. The buying power of the account is $75,000. Your split will be 50/50.


Company: WeFundTraders

Program: Trader Funding Program

Traders who qualify for this program get a fully-funded trading account along with training. The company promises to fund you with a sufficient amount of starting capital to trade. Your monthly drawdown must be lower than 10%.


Company: City Traders Imperium

Program: Ultimate Funded Trader Program

The company promises to fund forex traders up to $2,000,000. If you pass their evaluation program, you will get x4 times the initial trading capital. You will need to make 45 trades minimum with a maximum stop-loss per position of 1.5% to pass the evaluation.


Company: Lenno JSC

Program: Standard

This program allows you to trade CFDs across commodities, shares, indices, cryptocurrencies, and forex. Once you open an account, you receive access to €50,000. The commission varies from €4.5 per lot to up to 0.99% per transaction.


Company: Tradenet

Program: Intro Package

Though Tradenet doesn’t directly provide you with a funded account, the purchase of their Intro package makes you eligible for a $14,000 funded account from a private investment firm. Your maximum drawdown will be $700 and you will be able to withdraw 70% of your generated profit.


Company: OneUPTrader

Program: Novice

Once you pass their one-step evaluation, you will be able to receive a $25,000 funded account to trade with. You can have 3 contracts maximum, your maximum drawdown is $1,500 and the profit split is 50%.


Company: Topstep Trader

Program: The Trading Combine

Once you join this program, you will be provided with a real-time, simulated account. If you can prove that you can make profit and manage your risks, you will be granted with a real $30,000 funded account.


Company: Traders4Traders

Program: Forex T4TCapital™ Trading Programme

You need to pass Traders4Traders practical assessment to get access to a real funded account. The smallest account offered has $25,000 starting balance, $1,000 maximum loss limit and a 40/60 profit share.


Company: The5ers

Program: The Low-Risk Evaluation Program

This funded account program requires your forex account to sustain approximately a 6-7% gain in net profit. Your monthly drawdown must be lower than 4%. The profit share is 50%.


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